"YOU were created for this!"

Good Medicine Fine Art Camp


Good Medicine Fine Arts Camp is an exciting 2 week camp for young people 5-17 years of age. The camp centers on the premise that all talents are gifts and those wonderful gifts are to be displayed with the goal of improving the individual person and helping others.  This has been a sound and consistent practice of the founder of Good Medicine Development, Tirrell McCoy. 

Our Founder


In August, the vision of the GOOD MEDICINE founder, Tirrell McCoy, will come to life when the curtains open again to welcome a new group of campers to the GOOD MEDICINE Fine Arts Camp.  This camp will introduce an exciting concept by connecting our Metro Detroit youth and the arts.

The well-trained and talented counselors of GOOD MEDICINE will greet the campers with enthusiasm, creating an atmosphere of confidence, hard work and showmanship; all while having loads of fun. Some campers will be excited and others will be timid, but all will thrive as they begin to adjust to the camp experience and prepare for their place in the world of Youth Theater.



GOOD MEDICINE Fine Arts Camp is ready to make a mark on the community and we are thankful to all who will help us make history.


“I believe you were created for this!” – Tirrell     

Good Medicine Fine Arts Camp
Our Goal
We are confident by the end of the GOOD MEDICINE Fine Arts camp, each participant will:
  •  Know and believe they are  special and unique


  •  Utilize their gifts for the purpose of helping others.


  •  Develop new friendships  and stronger relationships  with their fellow campers


  •  Possess a stronger work  ethic, sense of teamwork  and accomplishment.


  •  Feel extremely loved and  cared for by the staff and  volunteers of GOOD  MEDICINE.


  •  Carry a new-found love  and passion for the arts.


  •  Know and believe they are  special and unique.



Campers will explore their talents through a variety of courses with focus on diversity in art, theater and production.

Click HERE for more information about the exciting courses offered during Good Medicine Fine Arts Camp.





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